About LearnSync in few words.

We are committed to helping children get access to quality tutoring and coaching and family integration services throughout the world, including remote and rural areas.

We have active pilot programs in the following areas:

  • The effectiveness of LearnSync technology in delivering tutoring services in comparison to traditional tutoring services.
  • How effective is LearnSync technology is connecting children with cancer in extended hospital stays to their classmates.
  • Does LearnSync improve educational outcomes for children with special needs?
  • Does LearnSync HR training solutions improve employee engagement?
  • Can LearnSync technology improve developmental outcomes for at-risk children with at least one parent who is incarcerated?
  • How does our technology help with family integration, particularly in connecting parents who travel extensively to their children and military families?

We can offer customized solutions

We license technology for social good


Coaching and Tutoring technology designed to connect and inspire